Extra Extra

Sometimes I feel like I never sleep or I'm just never on a consistent schedule.  There are just so many things I want to accomplish, but I feel there is too little time in the day.  I watched the "Making of 25/8" on VEVO.  I hope that's the correct name for the song.  It's a new song by the extremely talented Mary J. Blige.  She talks about how the song is about if people had extra time in their extra hour in their day, an extra day in their week.  It looks at what a person would do with that extra time.  That's time for what or who you love the most.  I haven't even seen the actual video yet (I don't think it's available yet) and I'm already relating to it and trying to analyze it.  Since I don't have 25/8, I need to make sure I make time for what's truly important in my life with the time I have.

The Day No Music Played

Music is a large industry.  From singers, musicians, promoters, producers, and on and on, many people live out their dreams and profit from the music we listen to.  I don't know the exact breakdown of how much each person makes from every song or album.  Music is an accepted form of art and it means a lot to many people.  Think about how often you listen to and/or create music.  Now, imagine a day where there is no music.  You would take a shower in silence.  What sound would your phone make without a custom ring tone?  There would be nothing to distract and motivate you while you exercise.  You would only have traffic and road noise to enjoy on your daily commute to and from work.  Television shows would have no theme music.  Movies would have no soundtrack.  Wow!  Imagine calling a company and being placed on hold.  There is no music!  What would you dance to?  Regardless of the music you prefer, continue to listen.  I really enjoy music.  I don't want to ever see the Day No Music Played.


I feel a lot better today.  I have rested and everything seems clearer.  Sleep deprivation really messes with me.  I was just watching television and this commercial came on with a lady with an accent.  I really like accents.  I'm sure I'm not alone thinking this.  Accents are attractive.  Well, at least most accents.  I'm sure there are some that aren't as appealing.  Why do people like accents? I guess people like the difference; it's something new.  When I say accents, everyone probably thinks about British, French, Italian, or Spanish accents.  Well, that's just Europe.  You may think about an African, Canadian, or Australian accent.  Do you ever wonder what American accents sound like to other people around the world?  I'm curious because I don't think I have an accent but to someone from another part of the world, it may be easy to recognize my accent.  So now, I'll be thinking about how I sound to other people.


Please excuse the fog that envelopes my writing.  I didn't sleep much last night and I had to do some errands that took the place of my sleep time.  Now, I feel exhausted.  I feel like I have already worked a full day...and now, I'm about to go to work.  It's probably not healthy that I'm depriving myself of sleep.  I'm yawning as I write this.  My eyes are beginning to water and my eyelids feel so heavy.  I lean back and close my eyes briefly.  I can't leave them closed or I will fall asleep.   I can only imagine how well I will sleep tonight and I look forward to it.  I'm not sure why I'm putting myself in this position.  As the heaviness of my eyelids begins to subside, I prepare for the day that lies ahead.  Though I'm tired, I am still focused.  I will get through the remainder of the day and I will reward myself with rest.

The Biggest Critic

Who is your biggest critic?  I had a boss once that was very demanding.  It seemed like nothing I ever did was good enough so I worked harder and harder.  Eventually our minds aligned and I was able to produce the results expected of me.  Even though this boss was difficult, he was not my biggest critic.  In relationships, your significant other may advise, subtly suggest, or demand that you make some changes in your life or personality for the success of the relationship.  Sometimes this can seem like a lot but most likely, your significant other is your biggest supporter...not your biggest critic.  In my experience, my biggest critic is me.  I criticize everything I do, always questioning if I'm doing my best.  This can include work, education, volunteering, exercise, finance, and relationships.  This can end with great results but it can also waste precious time when I obsess over perfection.  My biggest critic will always be around.  It's up to me to determine if his critiques have merit and should be addressed or if they are petty.

Inevitable Change

Change happens...this is simple, but very true.  We can change our jobs or careers.  We can change our cars.  I'm not changing my car yet even with it's half hanging bumper.  We can change how we dress and even how we think.  These are just a few examples of change.  I think the largest change is the growth of a person.  Sometimes this happens quickly; for some people, it takes longer.  I can remember days that all I cared about was partying.  I didn't have a lot of money but I would gladly spend it on clubs and alcohol.  I thought the world was mine.  So young, so naive.  It was a happy time because I could do whatever I wanted but I was irresponsible.  When I was younger, I didn't make the wisest decisions and whenever alcohol was involved, my smart decisions plummeted.  Today, I try to be wiser.  I still consume alcohol but in moderation.  I'm just talking about me...I'm not telling anyone what they should or should not do.  My goal is not to lecture anyone, just to share my experiences.  Everyone should live their own lives and make their own mistakes.  The key is learning from those mistakes.  I kind of drifted a little.  Now, I perceive myself as more responsible with my decisions and my actions.  I'm not perfect so I may have a lapse or two in judgment but this is still far fewer than I had at a younger age.  I like to look back (not too far, only about 10 years) and reflect on the differences.  I like to talk to younger people and see the person they are now and imagine the person they will be in the future.  To wrap up, change happens to everyone.  It's a good thing as long as it's positive.    


I try to be a positive person.  I think most people do but there is always a few negative people that can ruin a positive person's day.  My last couple of weeks has been wonderful.  Things were falling into place.  Things that were difficult at first now seemed so easy.  Most importantly, I was spending time with someone very special to me.  Overall, a very positive situation.  Then came the negativity.  I was having dinner in a local restaurant and everything was going well.  Then I heard an intercom announcement that there was an issue with my car.  I thought maybe I had parked in the wrong spot.  The news was that someone had hit my car.  I walked outside to see my front bumper hanging to the ground.  I had to take a few deep breaths to remain calm.  Whoever hit my car did not stick around.  It was a hit and run.  I don't know why the person just left.  I can only speculate.  It was this negative act that almost ruined my night.  This is the type of moment when you have to decide if you will go down a negative path or if you will remain positive.  I remained positive.  What would you have done?

RIP Steve Jobs

From the short time that my blog has been up and running, you have probably seen me mention Apple a few times.  I probably talk about Apple and Apple products more in person.  I'm an Apple supporter but my blog is about more than that so I limit my Apple discussions.  Maybe one day I will create a blog about Apple.  Today, I just want to take a moment to remember Steve Jobs.  It is truly sad that this uber-intellectual has passed away.  He has truly impacted the world of computing and mobile computing.  Some people say that Apple is all about making money.  I don't believe this.  Of course, any company wants to be successful but Apple has always wanted to create the best product for users.  Steve Jobs has touched so many lives with the products that he and his team have created.  Many of us use them daily, maybe even hourly.  Because of his creativity and vision, the iPod is now synonymous with MP3 player, Apple computers are known for their quality, and the iPhone is a computer in your hand.  Steve Jobs will live on through his products and his vision.


I prefer to do a good job at work.  I would consider myself an overachiever.  I may not be the best of the best at everything.  I may not be the smartest; I may not be the most creative.  I try to make up for it with the effort I put into my work.  Sometimes all that effort to do a great job can consume me and I become a work-a-holic.  It's good to do a great job at work but you have to balance it with life.  You can't give your all to work and nothing to the rest of your life.  Your relationships can and will suffer.  Some people realize this and put off starting relationships until they have achieved their work goals or achieved success.  The problem is you can't control when and where you find love.  I don't know the reason why people become workaholics.  It can vary depending on the person and their circumstances.  For me, sometimes I dive deeper into work because I'm hiding from other problems in my life.  Sometimes I'm just motivated to be the best me I can be.  Regardless of the reason, you still have to keep it in moderation.  You can't just live to work.  What happens if you no longer have that job?  You have to live for you and find your happiness in life.  Work hard, play harder.  Be a great worker but don't take it to far.  Life is short so you have to enjoy the time you can spend with friends and family.