Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories!

In life, we typically have large goals and dreams.  It's great to aim for the sky.  I think that's awesome!  While you do that, don't forget about the small victories.  These are the victories along the way to completing your goals.

Think about it.  If you have a large goal, more than likely you're going to need a plan for how you will reach that goal.  You can lay it out how ever you prefer but there will still be tasks you need to complete to get to the final goal.  You can't just focus on the final goal; look at each task.  Once you have completed a task, that's a small victory and you can appreciate it because it makes you that much closer to reaching your goal.

Some of the small victories can be pretty tough.  Imagine if one of your tasks is public speaking and you really dislike speaking in public.  That could be a really difficult task to overcome so you should take the time to enjoy that small victory.  It's not normally something that you accomplish overnight.  It takes persistence and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.  Okay, i may be using myself for this example so think about something that you have had to do along your journey to something bigger.  And think about the task that was very challenging.  There is always at least one task that tests what you are made of.  I welcome those tasks!

A small victory is still a victory.  In business, in relationships, in life, there are challenges we face to get to where we want to be.  We can't shy away from those challenges because we won't get to where we want to be.  They are a part of the journey.  We must challenge ourselves and push through them.  This doesn't mean it always has to be alone.  Teamwork is awesome.  Some tasks are very difficult and you may need help to achieve it or to achieve it in the time you require.  Just because you had help doesn't prevent it from being a victory to enjoy.

The small victories add up to the large victories.  To stay motivated to achieve your larger goals, recognize and celebrate the small victories along the way.

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A Different Level

So today, I was running some errands.  After I finished, I was on the highway heading home when I saw a car like the picture above pass me.  As soon as I saw the car, I knew this was something I don't normally see and it stood out.  Then as it continued to pass, I saw the emblem on the back that said Bentley.  As I looked at my car and the rest of the cars on the highway, it was easy to tell that this car was on a different level...and so was the driver.

The weird thing is that I saw a Porsche (sorry, not sure of the model) earlier in the parking lot of where I was running errands.  I looked at it twice and then kept going, but the Bentley was something different.  I was mesmerized by it.  Not because I want one.  I'm not really a Bentley kind of guy but because I would like to have that option to decide whether or not I would like to buy a Bentley.  Right now, it is not an option.

While watching the car, I began to wonder:

1.  What does the owner do?
2.  How does he think and make decisions?
3.  How do I meet him?

I would like to know if I think like a millionaire.  Am I making the right decisions for a brighter future? I think I am on the right track but only time will tell.  Or I could find a mentor...someone that has already achieved what I want to achieve and find out how they make decisions...and what they think about my decisions.  I think that's a better option than just going in a direction that may be wrong and not finding out until it's too late.


Even though the Bentley is a fascinating car, I'm more intrigued by the person (and their mindset) driving it.  It's not about the car, it's about the person.  The car stands's on a different level...but so is the person.

This encounter was enough to increase my motivation.  Now, I'm focused and ready to do and learn more.  I already have a plan to find a mentor but before I do that, I need to do my homework.  I need to be prepared and knowledgeable so I can get the most benefit out of the experience.  This is just one thing I am doing so that one day I will have the Bentley someone can see me and say he's on a different level and they are inspired to get there!

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