Iron Man 3 - Man Vs Suit

With Iron Man 3 coming out next year, the new trailer made me think.  Suit vs Man.  Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?  Tony Stark can throw on this cool, protective suit and do some amazing things!  Does Tony do these amazing things because he knows the suit will protect him?  Does the added security make him more courageous?  I think a lot of the dazzling displays are done because the layer of protection is there, but ultimately, it is the man inside the suit.  Tony's quick wit and intelligence is still there without the suit.  His determination to help the world and protect his family still exists.  When the situation is unfavorable and the suit is extremely battle damaged, it's the man that rises to the occasion.  The suit doesn't have anything to fight for while Tony must fight for everything. If you take any person and change the clothing they wear, it may change their confidence slightly but they are still the same person.  I believe in the battle of man vs suit, the victor should be man.  The man makes the suit!  What do you think?

On Fire!

On fire!  Alicia Keys sings about a girl on fire.  With any form of artistry, people examine it and try to determine what is meant by it.  I am far from an expert in interpreting artwork but here are my thoughts.  The title is Girl on Fire and I believe this song was used on Hunger Games for the main character.  This girl is not letting anything stop her.  You can take more from this song though.  Don't think this is only for girls or women.  The misfortune, drive, and ambition can apply to anyone.  You just have to realize that everything won't always go your way but don't let that discourage you.  That's just one thing, one day, one week...maybe even one year.  The next things, days, weeks, or years could be spectacular!  Letting setbacks hold you down only prevent you from reaching your goals.  Push through it all and set the world on fire!  Not literally on fire, but keeping pushing forward and achieve your goals.  Believe in yourself and you can do it!  That's my interpretation.  What is yours?  Does this song motivate you?

Passion: Job or Career

Passion is on my mind today.  Not just the traditional form of the word like sexual passion...even though that is nice also.  I'm referring to the passion one has for something they love.  It's often the difference between a job and a career.  A job is usually something you do to pay your bills.  A career is something that you truly enjoy.  Something that inspires you.  The video above shows a passion.  You can do well in a job but you will push yourself more for something you are passionate about.  Often we lose track of the things we are passionate about for various reasons.  Who says you can't have a job during the day and pursue your passion at night?  I don't think anyone should give up on their passion.  If it's truly a passion, you can find the time to pursue it.  Somehow...some way.