Broken Promises

Don't make promises that you can't keep.  That is a good statement but we can't see the future.  How do we know if we will be able to keep that promise?  Have we kept this promise or one similar in the past?  We learn from our past and history repeats.  We also know what is important to us and what lengths we are willing to go for the important things and/or people in our lives.  If you've ever been on the receiving end of a broken promise, you know it's not a favorable situation.  Sometimes you may have your heart set on something happening because someone promised it.  Sometimes you've already planned something else because you expect the first thing will happen.  Because I have had promises broken, I am now more cautious of the promises I make.  I don't want to feel bad for not fulfilling a promise and I don't want to let anyone down.

A Penny for My Thoughts

Sometimes I like to think about where I will be five years from regards to relationships, work, and finances.  I feel like I'm on track in all regards but nothing is a given and a lot can happen in five years.  I'm not rushing the future.  It just seems so far away now but I know once five years has past, I will wonder where the time went.  Time is weird like that.  It's good to have an idea of where you hope to be in life five years from now but you can't be consumed by what the future holds.  You will miss the important life events in the present.  This year I am focusing on the present to create a brighter future.

Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes I can be too focused.  I'm sure somebody can relate to this.  Before I finish one goal, I'm already looking at or working on my next goal or two.  It's fine to be focused, but you have to take some time between goals...even if it's only a moment.  A brief moment to take a deep breath and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.  A brief moment to release all the stress this goal created.  A moment to recharge your batteries for the next task.  Some people are so focused, it's difficult for them to allow themselves this moment.  You need it!  You deserve it!  It will make you stronger for your next goal.  Go ahead...breathe.