Shaped by Events

We are shaped by the events we go through in life.  Theoretically, you can take two people and send them on separate journeys.  Once the journeys are complete, you should be able to see differences in the way the individuals handle different situations based on what they learned from their journeys.  Since we are all individuals on different journeys in life, it is safe to say we are also shaped by events or experiences we face.  Most experiences are not completely unique so fortunately for us, we can often find people that have been through the same or similar experiences for advice and support.  We go through positive and negative experiences during our lifetimes.  "If everyday is a sunny day, then what's a sunny day?" (Eddie Murphy, Vampire in Brooklyn)  Events in life shape us; our response to those events is what defines us.

Myself and Others

Sometimes as I sit and write, it seems like my writings have a dark undertone...sort of melancholy.  That is never my intent so I hope that my words aren't perceived that way.  My goal is to motivate...myself and others.  There are so many tasks that we adults have to accomplish in any given day.  I know I have times when I need someone to give me that added push (instead of an energy drink) when my body just wants to rest.  I know people depend on me to accomplish these tasks and I depend on the people closest to me to be my motivation.  Sometimes, it only takes a few words or just a glance to bring back the motivation.  I'm not sure if I provide this with my few words but I will continue to try.