Dream Big!

It all starts with an idea.  It starts with a dream.  It's up to you to take that idea to the next level.  Often, I thought it was too difficult or too far out of reach to make it happen.  Perhaps, I ignored my ideas so long, I didn't even recognize the ideas or pay attention to them when they appeared.  Life can be hectic; there are a lot of priorities to balance.  I always had an active imagination, but I didn't think there was a purpose for it.  I thought it was a distraction.  Everything has a purpose.  Now, I realize I am a Dreamer.  I may say something that I know is impossible.  Some people will just say, "That's impossible.", and dismiss it.  I ask, "Why is it impossible?"  Now, that I understand I am a Dreamer, I recognize my ideas when they appear.   I never knew how many ideas I had before.  I just ignored them.  Now, they display vividly in High Definition.  I have more ideas than I know what to do with.  So I am a Dreamer and now I know the purpose.  If you are a Dreamer as well, don't ignore your ideas.  Dream big!  Then try to make them into reality.  Just start with one.  Like I said at the beginning, it all starts with an idea.  So don't let it end with that idea.  Take action.  Make that dream into reality to fulfill the purpose.  The world can always use more Dreamers!  Someone inspired me to dream and I hope this inspires others to dream.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is a special day.  It is a day we can spend with our families and friends.  A day that we can reflect on the year and appreciate the great blessings we have received.

What Roadblock?

In business and in life, you will have unfortunate circumstances or roadblocks.  You should never dwell on these setbacks.  When you run into these roadblocks, you have to be flexible.  You can't just say, "Oh, well.  There is something in my way so I can't do anything."  That's the wrong attitude to have.  I learned the hard way, but I got wiser.  I've been placed in situations where I faced obstacle after obstacle.  Was it easy?  No, not at all.  Was it easier to accept the obstacle and stop?  Yes.  But I would never accomplish anything that way.  The best feeling is when you accomplish something that you really had to work for.  When you face roadblocks, you have to be fluid.  I imagine roadblocks as having cushions.  When one pops up, I run into it, bounce off, and look for another way.  Sometimes, I just make a game of it.  You know there are going to be roadblocks.  If you expect them and then they never show up, then consider it a good day.  Most likely, the roadblocks will show up.  They don't take too many days off.  So, expect the unexpected.  If you encounter roadblocks, bounce off, and find another way.  With practice, you'll get good at navigating roadblocks.  One day, someone will ask, "How did you get around that roadblock?"  And you'll respond, "What roadblock?"

Aspiration: What Are You Working For?

This picture represents being at the top, but how do you get there?  Some people are born into wealth, others work hard to gain wealth.   The good thing about the American Dream is that you can be born into poverty and work your way up to the top.  That's the dream.  It's not usually an easy road to reach the top though.  Lots of people know the effort it takes so they avoid taking the chance.  Other people say, if there is the slightest chance, why not try it?  This leads me to aspiration.  Most people aspire to reach the top.  Most people work hard each day.  Are they working this hard to reach the top or just to stay where they are?  Most of us are just on the hamster wheel.  We're spinning our feet but not really making progress.  Some people are happy in their lives, many are not.  Money doesn't give you happiness.  Hopefully, we all know this.  Financial success can give you more freedom.  Freedom to spend with loved ones.  The freedom to set your own schedule.  Many aspire to get to the top and to do great things.  We just have to take an honest look at ourselves and decide.  Are we working to reach the top or are we spinning the hamster wheel?  Then we have to make sure our actions are in alignment with our aspirations.