Beautiful Surprise

Listening to this video, I can understand that it's more about the little things in life.  Little things can mean so much.  They can leave a lasting impression.  In many cases, it is the thought that counts.  It's not that you're giving gifts or showing up unexpectedly; it's the idea that you cared enough to make a kind gesture for someone other than yourself.  True, it sounds like an easy concept, but there are plenty of times when we are self-centered.  When this happens, we are not aware of our impact on others.  So the takeaway from this is make the effort.  Think about more than just yourself.  Make the kind gesture and give someone special in your life that beautiful surprise.

Not As We

Sometimes in life, we build friendships or relationships.  In that moment in time, we think they will last forever.  Some do...some don't.  That's the reality of it.  We never know what the future may hold.  In school, I had a couple of close friends.  At that time, I thought we'd be friends forever.  Now, I haven't spoken to them in over a decade.  We just lost touch.  I had another friend I checked in with every year or so whenever something reminded me of him.  Now, when something reminds me of him, I can't talk to him.  I'm just reminded that he's gone.  It's true the good die young.  Sometimes people come into your life for a lifetime, but sometimes it's only for a moment.  It's hard to predict how long any relationship will last so you should cherish the relationship as long as it exists.