Sunshine and Rain

Today has been a bit of an awkward day.  It started off with sunshine.  As a matter of fact, it woke me up this morning.  The sun pierced through the windows until I was awake.  I thought it would be good to check out the beach.  By the time I arrived there, the sun was well hidden behind the clouds.  Then the rain began.  The rain wasn't too bad but persisted long enough to change my beach plans.  Later, the rain stopped and the sun returned brighter than ever and even brought a rainbow along with it.  This one day could represent a lifetime because we always have sunshine and rain.  Some days are the best days of our lives and others are just the worst.  Sometimes we tend to focus on the bad days and that just drags us (and the people close to us) down.  We just have to life, there are more sunny days than rainy days.

Anything is Possible

I am a firm believer that anything is possible.  I still believe in the American dream.  I don't think it comes easily but it can be achieved.  It takes hard work; it takes determination.  I learned this lesson very early in life.  I am an observant person; I don't talk much but I look and listen a lot.  I enjoy watching what people say and do, then seeing the results of their actions.  Sometimes I try to guess the result before it happens.  This way I can learn from my actions as well as others.  Back to my original thought, I wasn't always a believer that anything is possible.  When I was in high school, I never paid attention to geography.  I never thought I would see any of the places the teachers mentioned.  Years later, as I traveled to unknown places, I craved knowledge about these places.  The same guy that didn't want to listen in class was now soaking up information like a sponge.  Being in those places increased my interest and made learning easier.  I'm a visual learner so it helps to actually see everything first hand instead of looking in books or listening to someone talk about it.  The sights available in this world are beautiful.  The fact that I have been able to see so much when I never thought I would proves anything is possible.