My Introverted Self!

More than knowing other people, you first have to know yourself.  I, like probably everyone else, am still learning about myself.  Each day, we may test ourselves to find out how much we can achieve.  I like to push myself to reach new heights but at the same time, I have to be mindful of my introverted self.

I am introverted.  It's not something I strive to's part of who I am.  Because of it, I sometimes have trouble in social settings.  I'm not anti-social, not at all.  I once thought I was but now I realize that's not the case.

Recently, I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone.  I've stepped into the spotlight.  I have met new people and I have spoken in large groups.  And I enjoyed it!  It made me excited and it made me want to do more of it.

But...after a lot of social interaction, I began to feel the results on my introverted self.  It was fun until it wasn't.  All of a sudden I was worn out and I needed time to myself.  I felt drained.  I needed to relax and think.

That's when I realized I need to pace myself.  I can't change from introverted to extroverted.  I can push myself to be more social but it is a bit more stressful for me.  If I'm being more social every day, then I'm stressing myself to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Like I said before, it works for a while until it doesn't.

It's most important to learn and understand yourself.  Know your strengths and weaknesses.  It's great to push yourself to be more and to achieve more.  Equally important is to know when to pull back.

I was able to relax and recharge.  Then I was ready to get out of my comfort zone again.  It all started with learning a little more about me and my introverted self.

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What You Can Learn From NBA 2K!

Okay, I must admit I am a gamer.  Not all the time.  There are only a few games that I play and NBA 2K is the main one.  I like that you can be the players and the coach.  I decided to take the game I enjoy and tell you some valuable things you can learn from NBA 2K.

Be a team player

Sure, Kobe Bryant can take over a game and force his will to earn a victory but I've learned that the game flows better and is often easier when I get the whole team involved.  It's interesting how by getting everyone involved, you can swing the momentum and have a wonderful game.

Time management

You have 24 seconds to setup your offense and get a good shot.  This takes time management.  You have to be aware of how much time you have available and figure out what you can do and cannot do in that time.  On defense, you have 24 seconds to defend against scoring.  You don't want to make bad defensive moves when times almost up.

Risk management

What is the risk if you take a high percentage shot?  Low.  You're very likely to make it and if you miss it, your team will have time to recover for defense.  What is the risk of a low percentage shot?  High.  You'll probably miss and you usually won't have time to recover for defense.  You'll have to balance your risk to have a strong game.  You want more close, high percentage shots but some 3 pointers can really open the game up.  You just have to weigh the risks and benefits.


Whether you're playing offense or defense, you have to maintain focus.  That focus could result in a block or a steal on defense or an alley-oop on offense.  With the control you have over your players, focus comes into place when making passes and making shots.  For some shots, you have to release the ball at the best time while avoiding a blocked shot.  You could include patience here also because I try to steal the ball a lot but that gets me in foul trouble sometimes.  Also, you have to be patient against shot fakes.  If you jump at a shot fake, you can get embarrassed!

Know your team 

You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team to use them most effectively.  You can learn which players are good 3 point shooters and where they prefer to shoot from and how much space they require to launch a good shot.  You can learn what post moves work best for your players.  Not only is it important to learn your players, but you also have to learn about your opponents.  When I first started playing, I used the Lakers and thought I had enough talent to defeat any team.  How can you defeat a team when you don't know their strengths and weaknesses?  If you play the wrong team, that team may be great at fast breaks and then they score every time you miss a shot.  The team may have great shot blockers and you keep trying to take it to the hoop.

You never know

Some players may shock you the more you use them.  They may have more skills than you realize.  You may think a player sucks because he's missing a lot of shots but maybe you're not taking the right shots.  You may think a player doesn't have talent because he's deep into the bench.  That player may surprise you.  Look at what happened with Linsanity!

Some people say I'm wasting time playing NBA 2K.  I would disagree.  I'm reducing stress and I'm honing valuable skills with what I learn.  It's all about how you look at it.

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Don't Let Anxiety Get the Best of You

It's been a weird few days for me.  I felt like I have anxiety but I couldn't pinpoint the reason.  At first I was thinking that I couldn't pinpoint the reason because maybe I have spread myself too thin by being involved in so many things.  Then I thought maybe the reason I have anxiety is because I'm involved in so many things.

I've always taken on lots of tasks at work and I've also volunteered a lot.  So what makes this time so different?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's the additional weight of having a business that rests solely on my shoulders.  I have help but the responsibility is still mine whether it succeeds or fails.

Normally, I don't feel the anxiety because I usually balance out my nervousness and stress with exercise.  For the last month or so, I haven't been able to run and that's my main way to relieve stress.  I usually run until it's gone.  Faster, farther until I feel tired and relaxed.

But now, it's not an option for me.  My mistake is that I didn't have a backup plan.  I relied on running and took it for granted.

Now, my stress levels have gotten higher than expected.  I didn't see it coming.  Now, that anxiety is trying to take over, it's time for some action to combat it.

First, I'm going to take some much needed time off.  I think an extended weekend should be a good start.  Then I'm going to reflect on all the things that I think are causing me stress and look for ways to balance everything better.  Lastly, I'm going to the gym.  Even though I can't run at the moment, I can do other things like weight lifting and riding a stationary bike.  I hope the bikes are ready to handle the stress and anxiety I'm about to release on them.

In closing, I'd just like to say, don't let anxiety or stress get the best of you.  There are lots of ways to relieve it.  You just have to find what works for you.  Once you find methods you enjoy, make sure you have backup options because you never know when one of your stress relief options may not be available.  You are ultimately in control.  It's up to you to recognize it and correct before it's too late!

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