The First Step

I have been slacking on exercising but excelling in eating lately.  I can feel myself getting sluggish.  I went to the gym yesterday but I didn't do a lot.  Yet, I was sore this morning.  Guess it's been longer than I thought.  To get my belly back under control, I need to get back into cardio.  Tonight, I forced myself to run.  I stretched and began running.  The run started off well but less than halfway, I began feeling uncomfortable so I tried to give myself a fairly close object to run to.  Then once I got there, I gave myself another object to reach.  It worked for a little bit but then I got tired so I walked until I made it to the halfway point.  At the halfway point, I began to run again.  This time, I didn't stop until I completed the run and I even sprinted the last few steps.  It wasn't my best run but it was a start.  I'm just happy I took the first step.

Burnt Bridges

Don't burn bridges!  You never know when you may need them again.  Sometimes, it may seem like the best choice in the heat of the moment.  Part of being an adult is growing wiser.  With this wisdom, you will hopefully be able to determine whether you are acting impulsively or with a clear head.  When I was in school, I had a crush on a young lady.  I only knew her physical attributes, but that was enough to make me want to know her.  Unfortunately, my close friend was also fond of her...but I think he was in the "friend zone".  Even so, he told me that he liked this young lady.  It was a confusing situation because I liked her too.  I weighed my choices and probably due to teenage hormones, I made my move on the young lady.  I spoke to her during lunch and walked with her to her classroom (which is where my friend saw us together).  This was on a Friday and I was on top of the world, not thinking about the friendship I was ruining.  I didn't see the lady over the weekend so I was excited to see her again on Monday.  I quickly found her and walked with her to her classroom.  When we arrived at her classroom, she told me she already had a boyfriend and it was a bad idea for us to continue to hang out.  Of course I was always feels like the end of the world when you're young.  Then, I needed a friend to listen to my pain.  My friend didn't want to hear it...he didn't even want to talk to me.  He lost trust in me and I couldn't blame him.  I ruined a friendship for one day...and it was not worth it.

Reality Check

I have been working hard lately in many different areas of my life, reaching various milestones.  I thought I had everything under control with the perfect balance...but that wasn't reality.  I didn't realize it until my boss gave me a small task and I failed at it.  Sometimes, all it takes is one moment to change your entire perspective.  In that moment, I had to take a look in the mirror and ask myself the difficult questions.  Am I meeting the work expectations of my boss?  Am I meeting the expectations set by me?  I'm always tougher on myself than my boss could ever be.  Like I said earlier, I have been working hard lately in many different areas.  Perhaps, I lost focus on work.  It is possible since I shifted my priorities recently.  So now, I must ask myself a tougher question.  Am I ready to once again focus on work?  The truth is the answer to that question is not as simple as it once was.