Shine Like a Diamond

Shine Like a Diamond

When it comes to life, I want to shine like a diamond.  I have so much belief in myself.  I don't think anything is beyond my reach.  I know that no matter what I accomplish, I did and will not accomplish it alone.  I had help from parents that loved me, pushed me when needed, and gave me freedom to make my own choices when needed.  I had help from siblings that showed me other perspectives for situations.  I have friends that have offered helping hands so I could achieve my goals.    I have friends that engage me in meaningful conversations to help me grow and learn.  I have someone special in my corner that believes in me and encourages me.  They all helped me shine like a diamond.  That's the loving side.  I have past bosses that showed me how not to lead.  I have past bosses that were tough on me and pushed me to be better.    I have "Dream Killers" that told me I couldn't do something.  A few times, I was a "Dream Killer" and told myself I couldn't accomplish something.  Boy, was I wrong!  It took the support of loved ones and the toughness to help me shine.  I have learned that sometimes great things fall in your lap, but also, there are many times when you have to work extremely hard to achieve your goals.  I will enjoy the simple paths but won't shy away from the difficult paths.  Both paths are required to get to the top.  I know that in the end, I will get there and I will shine like a diamond!

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2013

A new year has arrived!  This is a day that we can take time away from work and our busy schedules and reflect over the previous year.  Did we accomplish everything we planned?  If not, what happened?  Regardless, it is now in the past.  Our new focus should be on how can we improve for the new year.  Whether 2012 was a great year for you or it left more to be desired, we have a new year to achieve our goals.  We have a new year to spend with our families and friends.  So cheers everyone, let's welcome 2013 and all the great things that are to come during this new year!