Give and Take

There are a lot of times when I am self centered; I focus only on my wants and needs.  In any relationship, whether a friendship or a romantic relationship, you have to be considerate of the other person.  That person may like to spend time with you because of the qualities that you bring to the relationship but you should not bring selfishness into the relationship.  Sure, there will be times when you are selfish because you really want to have it your way.  You can't be selfish all the time or even make it seem like something normal in your relationship if you want longevity.  If you value the relationship, you will value that person's thoughts and opinions as well as you own.  If you create the relationship, the other person must have qualities that you like and enjoy.  I try to keep that in mind so that any time I'm riding the line on being too selfish, I can make the corrections before I damage the relationship.  Even riding the line is probably cutting it too close.  I just try to any relationship, there has to be Give and Take.  May all your relationships be positive, long lasting relationships. 

Stay Focused

It's a beautiful day outside; the sun is shining brightly.  It could be a great day to go to the beach.  But that's not currently in my plans.  Today is a homework day for me.  I will spend most of my day trying to do my homework...with emphasis on trying.  I love technology.  It keeps us entertained but when I have homework to complete, it is the worst thing.  It's good that I can use my laptop to complete my work and it's good I can go to the Internet to research topics.  It's not good that I would rather be watching movies on my AppleTV (Support Apple!) or Netflix.  Should I even mention Netflix with so many people being upset with Netflix?  Regardless, I will mention them.  I'm not upset with them but that's because I've never used the DVD ordering side of Netflix.  Overall, technology is great but it can make us waist time so like everything else, it's good in moderation.  We must stay focused and continue working towards our goals.  Right now, my focus is on completing my degree so it's back to the daily grind...homework time!


Everyone is different; everyone is special.  You may meet people in life that have similar personalities but each person is unique.  That's what makes the world so interesting.  I may say something and someone may disagree with it.  That's how a discussion starts.  Interacting with different people can actually help you grow as a person.  It can be quite interesting to look at life through someone's eyes.  It shouldn't stop at meeting people in your city.  When you're open to learning about people all over the world, your view begins to change.  I used to sit in a geography class and learn about the different countries of the world but I didn't value the instruction.  I never thought I would see any of those countries.  Now that I have seen some of the countries, the lessons learned are priceless.  With the creation of the Internet, anyone can meet people from all over the world.  Even if you don't have the opportunity to visit the country, you can still converse with new, exciting people.  Regardless of race, age, sexuality, or should challenge yourself to see the world from their perspective.


We live in a world where we rely on multitasking.  We multitask and the devices we use have to multitask.  Now, just because we multitask doesn't mean that we are good at it.  Often men have a hard time multitasking.  Of course there are exceptions, but women are usually better at multitasking.  Personally, I'm not good at multitasking.  I will admit it.  I can do multiple tasks in a time period but not simultaneously.  Things move smoother for me when I devote an amount of time to focus on one thing...then a certain amount of time for the next item...and so on.  This works to give the illusion that I am a multitasker because it seems like I am working on all these things in an hour.  I am working multiple items, just not simultaneously.  I have tried to truly multitask but it just does not work for me.  If I'm working on something and someone is talking to me.  During this time period, there are times when I'm missing parts of the discussion and other times where I'm losing my place on what I'm working on.  This means that it is about prioritizing in the moment.  At any given time, I'm deciding which is more important.  The conversation and my work may be equally important but some parts of the conversation may be extra or repetitive.  During this part, I would focus on work but if I hear words that trigger me to pay attention, then I would focus back to the conversation.  In summary, some people can truly multitask and I admire them for it.  If you struggle to multitask, then do multiple tasks in a sequence to create the illusion.

Results of a Procrastinator

Well, let's take a look at how procrastinating played out.  I went to sleep instead of working through the night thinking that I would wake up early enough to allow myself 4 hours to finish my work.  My alarm goes off...I turn it off and lay back down for a few minutes.  Minutes turn into hours.  When I actually get up, I only have 2 hours to do what I planned to do in 4.  So I'm rushing to complete my work.  An hour and a half goes by, then my doorbell rings.  It's my friend/neighbor.  His truck was towed and he needs me to drive him to the place to pick it up.  I thought about the work I needed to do briefly and I said, "Sure, not problem."  He helped me recently when I had problems with my car so I owed him.  Was it at an inconvenient time?  Yes, but that's what friends are for.  A good friend is there when you need them.  Okay, how does the story end?  I completed my work on time, finishing some of it 1 minute prior to the deadline.  So things worked out in the end, but if I had planned better, I would have had a lot less stress.


I'm having one of those weird days.  Sometimes you hear something or you see something on TV and then it happens to you.  Yesterday, I saw a commercial about one of those metal wallets and one of the qualities they stressed was how it was waterproof.  One guy said you can get it wet and that's something you don't want to do with a leather wallet.  I remember thinking I've never gotten my wallet wet in all these years.  Today, I washed my wallet.  Everything is out of it now and I'm trying to dry it.  Well, life goes on.  That still doesn't mean I'm going to buy a metal wallet.  On to the topic, procrastination.  A lot of people put off doing things they really don't want to do.  I'm doing it now.  I should be writing a paper for class but for some reason, I always have writer's block until the deadline gets close.  I'm not advocating procrastination but the truth is, some people perform better under pressure.  With papers, I tend to be more creative as the deadline approaches.  It's funny how I can't write for class but I can write here with no problem.  I've probably gotten used to procrastinating.  I'm trying to plan ahead to avoid the last minute rush.  I'd rather work ahead of schedule and have less stress.  I'm not saying procrastination is good or bad.  It always depends on the situation and the person.  While for some, it just creates unnecessary stress, others can use that stress and create amazing products.

Be the Early Bird

It's another day.  I've watched a bit of television...mostly CNBC.  I have to see how stocks are doing.  I don't invest a lot because I'm far from wealthy but I would like to learn.  There are so many rules and ways to invest but often the middle to lower class population don't really learn about them.  I'm not sure why.  Possibly because the parents are busy trying to make their ends meet.  Possibly the parents never really learned about saving and investing.  Sure, you can have a savings account but if you spend everything in it every month, it's not going to be beneficial.  After I graduated school, I probably let a decade of investing slip away from me because I decided to live paycheck to paycheck, buying all the things I thought were "needs".  Most were "wants".  Doing so even though I learned this a long time ago in a business class.  "Wants" are unlimited.  No matter what you have, you can always want more.  This is such a simple statement but very true.  When you grow up with a modest lifestyle, the moment you have a steady paycheck can be a bit overwhelming.  You begin to think about all the things you can buy or if you decide to save, it's only so you can purchase something larger.  Sure, not everyone goes through this but this was what I did.  I always wanted the American be wealthy and happy...thinking that the two things correlated.  But you can be wealthy and not happy.  You can be happy and not wealthy.  With saving and investing, it's about time.  You want to allow more time for your savings and investments to grow so you should begin saving and investing as early as possible.  When you're young, you can still enjoy life but you should still save and invest because smaller amounts can grow large with more time than larger amounts with less time.  I hope that's understandable.  Save and invest when you're younger and let time work for you instead of waiting to do it later in life when you will have to race against time.

My First Post

It's 2 a.m. and I'm frustrated.  I'm not working so I wanted to relax...and not worry about school work or anything.  I decided to play NBA 2K11 and kick some butt.  Unfortunately, I recently raised the difficulty level and this showed me that I'm not as good as I thought I was.  My offense wasn't as great and my defense was just horrible.  I'm got destroyed by the Cavaliers minus Lebron...not cool.  I'm ashamed to admit it.  So now I'm watching TV and relaxing.  I'm excited about my new blog, Thoughts by TigerDG.  I hope everyone that views this can find something to relate to and enjoy.  I didn't want to narrow down my topics of discussion.  I just want to talk about whatever I feel like sharing.  Also, I want to say...Support Apple!!!  I think Steve Jobs and the rest of the company are doing amazing things for computing and mobile computing.  I wouldn't classify myself as an Apple fanboy but I admire the products that they put out.  But don't worry, I won't post about Apple a lot.  Since this is my first post, I'm just skimming the surface until I get more stay tuned.