Today Was A Good Day! Relationships and Opportunities

Relationships and Opportunities

I have had a few good days recently but I'm very excited about today.  I'm sure you're wondering why and I don't want to prolong your wait so here we go...

First of all, I went to a going away lunch for a coworker.  You may be thinking, "How is that good?"  Well, I don't mean the part about the person leaving.  He will be missed and I'm sure he will do great things at his new he's coming back!  I heard this coworker speak a few times and he always repeated something that stuck with me.  He said, "It's not about the work you did and the deadlines you meet or bust.  It's about the relationships you build and the people you meet.  Those are the things most people will remember."  I think that is a very valid point.  When I think about the places I've been, I automatically start thinking about the people I met and the fun we had.  I remember the jobs but not as clearly as the relationships.  I have met some great people in my early life...I still have a lot left!

Next, I want to talk about seizing opportunities.  In life, we may see a lot of forks in the road.  These are our options and our course in life is shaped by the actions we take.  Today, I hit a fork in the road.  I attended a meeting and during it, I noticed there were some great people that I could meet and possibly network with's about the relationships we build!  After the meeting was over, everyone had the opportunity to meet and greet each other.  Well, I'm still a bit shy so networking is out of my comfort zone.  It was easier for me to walk away...and that's what I did.  I left the building and went to my car.

I was at the fork in the road and I made my choice.  Was it the right choice?  I didn't think so.  While at my car, I kept thinking, "I should have stayed and networked."  Based on a book I recently read, the word "should" is normally negative because most of the time when it's used, it's describing something you regret.  So, as soon as the word "should" came out of my mouth, I recognized it and I changed it to "could".  So my statement was "I could have stayed and networked."  Then I thought, "Well, I haven't left yet!  I still can!"  So I took my nerves, pushed them aside, and decided I would not walk away.  That's not who I am!  I walked inside the building...still somewhat shy...I'm not going to force my way into a conversation.  When the time was right, I introduced myself and I had a good conversation.  Then I introduced myself again and had a good conversation.  This happened repeatedly.  In the end, I think I made some good connections and had the chance to meet and talk to some great people.

To some this may seem like a small feat, but to others, this may give them the strength in a similar situation.  Maybe you can tell in my writing, I am really excited about this!  I almost ran away from the opportunity but I recovered.  Regardless of how the relationships and connections I made today turn out in the future...I grew today!  So, today was a good day!

We All Get Lost Sometimes

Today, I drove to a shopping center.  I was having a craving for some Korean food.  I was so focused on getting the food that I parked my car basically in auto-pilot.  I didn't look around to make sure I had a clear picture in my mind of where my car was parked.

I went inside and ordered the food I wanted.  When my order was ready, I grabbed it and left the shopping center.  I walked outside and into the huge parking lot.  While walking I realized I wasn't sure where I parked at.  I knew roughly wear the car was parked in the row but I could not remember which row.  From the row I was currently walking, I didn't know if the car was to the left or the right of me so I walked around confused for a few minutes until I finally found the car.

Now, why am I telling you my silly story about me losing my car?  Because like the title says, we all get lost sometimes.  Maybe you can relate to forgetting where you parked your vehicle or maybe you can't.  I'm sure there are other ways you have gotten lost in your lifetime.

Sometimes we get lost on our way to our goals.  Maybe we didn't clearly define our goals.  This will definitely get you lost.  Or perhaps, we are easily distracted and unfocused.  Then we can get derailed from accomplishing our goals.  There are people in this world right now that are lost.  When you are lost, it can be a very confusing time.  And you may not know what actions to take to fix the situation.

Just as when you're lost and in need of direction, you ask for directions.  Well, hopefully, you do.  I don't always.  I often try to figure it out on my own.  Solving the problem on your own is an option if you're lost in life but it's not the best option.  It's okay to ask for help...and you usually find a quicker resolution.  So the next time, your life feels like a huge parking lot of confusion, remember, it's okay to ask for help.