Run Your Race

Run your race.  These are words I often say...sometimes to others, mostly to myself.  This phrase keeps me focused on the task at hand.  It doesn't have to be a race, just any task in life.  It simply means:

Don't worry about what other people are doing.
Don't let other things distract you.
Stay focused.

The end result is up to you.  Why worry about what someone else is doing?  Perhaps they are taller, stronger, faster.  Big deal!  Use your strengths to achieve your goal.  You may not accomplish your goal as fast as someone else.  Who cares?  Maybe your goal is to complete the task.  Then later, you can work on speed.  Bottom line, worrying about what others are doing or falling victim to distractions will only slow you down and perhaps prevent you from reaching your goal.  In daily tasks and life, you have run your race.  No one else will do it for you.

Public Speaking

I am an introvert; I tend to shy away from crowds...normally.  Yet, I crave the spotlight.  Weird, huh? Most people dislike public speaking and I am no exception.  I can and I will do public speaking but I usually only do it when I really have to.  I get nervous; my voice my lack confidence.  My eyes may dart from side to side as I avoid eye contact.  I would never say I'm a great public speaker.  My speech skills my change from day to day.  But there are times when I'm focused voice is calm and confident and I give good eye contact to the audience.  It's not that I'm less introverted in that moment but more that I am welcoming the challenge.  It's still an uncomfortable situation but I'm not allowing myself to back down.  After all, what's the worst that could happen?  Embarrassment...I think I could live with that.