Don't Miss It Until It's Gone

This is a beautiful song!  Thank you Tamia.  The title is "Almost" if you don't know.  But aside from that, I like the way the video displays different items where something is missing.  Examples include the teddy bear missing an eye or the bicycle missing a wheel.

This reminds me that it's about the sum of all parts working together to create something great.  Sometimes, we take things for granted.  I don't think it's intentional; I think some people, places, or things are just always there.  It's rare when they are not.

For example, if you are right handed, you probably think you rarely use your left arm.  Now, if you were unable to use your left arm, you would realize that you use it more than you thought.  It would probably aggravate you once you can't use your arm and you realize how much you need it.

The same can apply in business.  Whether you are the boss or an employee, it takes everyone's involvement to achieve success.  It is possible to reach goals without everyone performing at their highest level but it may take longer to reach that goal.  Remember, everyone has value and something to contribute to the team.  When someone goes on vacation or takes a sick day, it's easy to see what is missing and what they bring to the group.  Just make sure you tell them when they return.

Lastly, in love, this is something that is often taken for granted.  Sometimes, we don't say the words enough or we just say them but they don't really have any meaning behind them.  Don't just say "I love you" to say it.  Think about all the reasons why you love that person.  Then tell them why you love them.  Everyone likes to hear those three words but I think it's stronger if you give those three words with a few extra words.  This last bit of advice is something I can use as well.  It's often the ones closest to us we take for granted.

In closing, don't wait until it's too late to appreciate the small things because they often have a large impact on life, business, and love.

Looking Back on My Week: The Importance of Social Interaction

As I look back at my week, there are a few things that stand out.  This week, it seemed like some parts were moving at high speeds while other parts were moving in slow motion.  Some things made me happy while others did not.  With all the connections that we have in life, it's awesome when everything is working and clicking but the reality is it's difficult for everything to align perfectly.  When it does, it's a wonder to behold and everything feels great.  I'm not saying I experienced this wonder this week but I think I may be getting closer.  This week I understood the importance of social interaction a little more.

A positive part of my week is that I continued to grow socially.  I attended a meeting to strengthen my public speaking.  Normally, I would not have subjected myself to this situation.  You have to stand in front of people and talk about random topics...and you don't always get a choice of the topic.  I prefer to have more control over what I speak about as well as ample time to prepare.  This time I was just thrown into the spotlight.  And I stumbled...I couldn't find all the right words.  There were many awkward pauses and "ums" as I searched for the correct words to complete my story.  A few words came out correctly and they had more power behind them but overall I thought it was a mess...but I survived.  Later, I found out this episode only lasted 1 minute and 20 seconds.  It felt like an eternity when the spotlight was on me.  I had the honor of watching 2 seasoned speakers speaking as eloquently as I strive to reach.  It's amazing to see someone controlling their fear and easily expressing their thoughts to an audience of strangers.  I realize that this comes with time and practice.

Still outside of my comfort zone, I attended another meeting that focused on networking.  This time I wasn't speaking in front of a large group of strangers but just meeting new people.  The more I spoke to people, the more I enjoyed it.  One conversation that stood out was a guy I spoke with that said he's not a very social person like me.  I told him I am the same way and he almost could not believe it because I had been talking so much.  I was just a little hyper from how my week was going.  He also spoke a lot for a non social person.  At the end of the day, I met a business contact as well as a potential friend.

Maybe I mention stepping out of your comfort zone a lot, but I honestly believe you'll be a stronger and wiser person for it.  The next time something makes you uncomfortable and you want to run away, try it and see how you feel afterwards.