Remember When?

I enjoy technology and the Internet, but I look at how it has changed some parts of our lives.  I'm sure most inventions are for the better; I just like to think back to a time that wasn't so long ago.

Remember when...

You used to go to the movie rental store to rent movies?

You used to watch movie previews before a movie at home?

You used to have to get home by a certain time to watch your favorite TV show?

You used to have a large DVD rack to hold your collection?

You used to have a larger CD rack to hold your collection?

Your TV was so heavy and not thin that you never thought about mounting it on the wall?

You used a VCR?

You jogged with a portable CD player?

You used to go inside your bank or use the Drive-up Teller?

You carried a checkbook?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to everyone that's tuning in.  Today is a day when most of us enjoy a much needed day off.  No sitting in traffic during your daily commute or any other work hassles.  It's a day that we don't worry about the politics of the world.  We can just relax and enjoy good food and good company.  Don't forget to take the time out to think about who and what you are thankful for.  Enjoy the time off and share it with your friends and family.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


We all have plans or ideas for how we anticipate things will happen.  When it works out, that's great.  Sometimes plans go awry; sometimes we just fall off our path.  We desire the end result but sometimes the road is so long, you can't maintain your focus.  If you truly want the end result though, the realistic answer is you have to refocus and keep pushing towards your end goal.  Nobody ever said it would be easy.  Most of the difficult goals in life are worth the struggle and sacrifice.  So when you feel like you are no longer focused, you have to reach deeper into your soul and find the strength and focus to persevere.  Show the world you can do it!  Most importantly, prove it to yourself!


One of the most priceless things about this world is the connections we make.  Love connections are great but that's not my focus here.  The connections we have with family can be just as wonderful.  My family has always been close and with that, you love the good and you expect, accept, and move past the bad.  Of course it's family so sometimes it doesn't move that quickly through the process.  Some family members can be very stubborn.  Sometimes it's justifiable, but it's hard to see it being worth the rift in the relationship.  I mean it's family!  That's one of your closest bonds.  Then you have the connections you make with friends.  It's interesting how you may be the new person in any given situation and everyone welcomes you into the group.  You feel like you are part of something much larger.  They give you strength; they make you laugh.  You all can share your past experiences and ideas and you learn from it.  It makes you wiser and you can see more than just your own perspective.  That's priceless!  That's why I welcome my connections.

RIP Heavy D

I guess I haven't paid enough attention to the news lately because I'm just finding out Heavy D has passed away.  He was only 44 years old.  This is a tragedy.  I feel like everyone should have enjoyed his music or watched him perform.  I never saw him live but just from the music videos, he was always awesome.  Even though he was overweight, his performance was always energetic.  His music was always positive; he wanted people to dance.  I believe that he enjoyed dancing.  I truly feel he was a true artist.  

Mini Me

I'm at a point in my life where I would like to have a child.  I would like a boy.  I imagine a mini me.  That would be so cool to watch a small version of me.  To watch how he would make decisions.  To see if he thinks and acts like me.  I would teach him to be better than me.  I heard that somewhere...don't remember where.  "Don't be like better than me."  I would like to watch him grow up and see the man he would become.  I would like to see how Nature vs Nurture plays out because he wouldn't grow up in the same environment as me.

Fear Itself

"The only thing to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

That's a famous phrase that I often repeat to myself whenever I have fear.  Honestly, I really dislike fear.  I guess I'm a bit of a control freak and I feel like I don't have control when I'm scared and vulnerable.  For a control freak, that's a weird feeling to be out of control.  I can try to rationalize and calm myself down after the fact; but in the moment when the fear overcomes you, you get a glimpse at how you respond to fear.  It's pure instinct...fight or fly.  It really sucks when your instinct is to flee.  But that's what makes courage so interesting.  You are scared of what's happening or about to happen but you take the risk anyway.  That's courageous!  Courage is weathering the storm of fear.