Decided to Make a Library Visit Today

Today, I didn't really think that I would make a library visit.  I can normally work at home but today I was just more distracted than normal.  I've been reading a lot lately about business and my mind is working overtime with delivering business ideas.  This is normally a good problem to have but I am limited in the amount of time I can devote to my ideas.  I just started this new college degree program and I have to get back into the swing of college.  It just doesn't help when my entrepreneurial side wants to pull me away from my college assignments.

This was one of those days when it's tough to maintain my focus.  Still, I had to regain my focus because I had deadlines to meet.  So I decided to change my setting so that my mind would understand  how it should focus.  That's how I ended up at the library and I can honestly say that my focus improved.

This may become a recurring location.  I think many people have forgotten about libraries (including myself until today) and many people think libraries are becoming extinct because of the Internet (including myself until today).  After arriving at this library, I can see that libraries are still needed even with the Internet and I don't think they will go away.  They can exist in the Information Age because they are still a great source of information.  They are a great place to just be around other people seeking information.

Today, I spent most of my time on my laptop and did my research in my college's online library.  I still like the fact that physical books are available if needed.  I just didn't arrive early enough.  If I arrived earlier, I would have read through some physical books.

I probably could have looked for physical books when I first arrived but it wasn't my original intent.  I had already decided to use the Internet.  I just wanted an environment for study instead of trying to work in my living room sitting on the couch.  Though that is comfortable, there are plenty of distractions so the library visit was a great choice.

The main point I want to get across is that if you don't use your local libraries, maybe you should give them a try.  They offer a lot and they haven't fallen behind with information age.  They have adapted.  They offer online services.  For instance, you can reserve books, access databases, access e-books and audiobooks all from their websites.  I'm sure different libraries will offer different services.

Overall, my library visit was a positive experience and I hope to make this a regular occurrence.